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The Support Your Business Needs

Whether you are a corporate leader, solopreneur or a small business owner, we can support you. You create the vision and we integrate our skillset to execute it. We are a small but mighty team of project management and operations experts who can run your internal processes and handle the client-facing workflow.

Seasoned Professionals

Our agency has 38 years of combined professional experience in the nonprofit, corporate, and small business sectors. We operate as leaders in your business to bring you solutions. 

Partnerships & Relationships

We understand how important it is to develop and maintain relationships in business. We work in partnership with you to provide the best outcomes for you and your business.


We specialize in serving service-based businesses such as professional services (accountant firms, law firms, insurance agencies, real estate agencies), coaches and consultants, a well as authors and speakers. We also work with corporate clients to supplement their administrative and operations teams. 



We provide high level administrative support for research, reporting, resource creation, email management, and calendar management.


We serve as your Online Business Manager (OBM) where we handle the day-to-day operations of your business and provide Chief of Staff support.

Project Management

We manage mid-range to long-range projects such as new revenue stream launches from ideation and implementation through to execution to drive the revenue of your business.


We organize your invoicing and accounts payables while identify money saving areas in your business.

Team Management

We can streamline the onboarding of contractors, employees, and service providers while training them on streamlined systems and workflows.

Tech Implementation

We also act as the project lead for introducing new technology platforms and software for internal business operations.

How It Works



We use our time during the clarity call to identify the problems and gaps in your business and determine how the agency can support you.


We determine the timeline, outline the services, customize the deliverables, and identify the resources and tools needed for the Consultant assigned to you.


One of our expert Consultants will work with you throughout the duration of your contract to support your business and handle the operations providing you weekly updates on progress-to-goals.



Adding SummerSaid to my business has allowed me to streamline my business operations, seamlessly build out my team, and launch a new revenue stream.

Terry Bruner
Managing Attorney,
Terry Bruner Law Office

As the Interim Executive Director for a national nonprofit, Summer was able to easily take over the last 5 months as the Operations Manager of the acquisition and dissolution process. 

Robin Jenkins
Principal Consultant,
General Delivery Consulting

Summer started as my Executive Assistant and became my Editorial Assistant for a national peer-reviewed economic journal coordinating with reviewers across the globe and tracking articles to meet printing deadlines. 

James Alm
Professor Emeritus,
Tulane University

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We generally provide services virtually but are available to provide training and workshops in person for an additional fee. 

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